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Monday, December 3 ♥
Life ♥

Life's full of up and down.

I guess it's my down period.

Didn't expect things to turn out this way.

One's has it's tolernece level.

I guess i've max-ed mine.

Life still has to go on.

Hopefully there's a better path.

Work to lessen the time for myself.

To make myself stop thinking.

To immue myself.

Work clears everything off my mind.

Everything just isn't right.

Nobody understand.


- Everything is just too late. Too late........

Signing off, 2:05 pm ♥

Wednesday, October 10 ♥
Bangkok trip : 29th sept - 1st oct ♥

Ages since i blogged and i'm so busy and lazy to blog.

Really thanks pin for booking the hotel with airport transfer for me. If not i will have to sleep on the street on bangkok!! WHAHHA!!

Hubby woke me up at around 4 to ask me to get up to prepare and head to the airport.

I was super tired plus on friday night i left the shop so late cause we had to change all the price tag plus all the format has changed also!!!

That's explain why my eyes are super small in all the picture (thou my eyes ain't big)!!

Waiting to check in.

Poor hubby sprained his ankle the day before.

On board towards bangkok!!


Some snacks to fill my tummy.

Sa wa dee ka!! We have reached Bangkok!

Head to zen and central mall to walk as it was too early to check in and when i reached the hotel lobby i saw ben.

Back to hotel and checked in and head to PLATINUM MALL!!! Wooooo~~ I miss the place so much!!

Their KFC serve this cheese ball. The taste is quite average. I feel that it's too bland for me.

Shop shop shop and halfway through i don't feel right and BINGO! My "auntie" visits me.

Me and hubby had to walk so fast back the hotel to get changed and worse of all I'm wearing white shorts!!

I love the hotel room and it's really big and spacious! Location is super good! Smacked right in-front of central mall. 5 mins walk to platinum mall and the service that the hotel have is super good!!!

Head to MBK to fill out tummy as we were so hungry.

Sushi tei for dinner as we no longer trust the food that zen served.

Head to suam lam night market(not to sure if i got the spelling correct)

It was so dissappointing! There's nothing much there and most of all the ppl there are like so dead. Never would i go there again!

We both were so tired after the whole day and we head back to the hotel.

2nd day

The following morning head down to the lobby to had our breakfast..

There's so many varieties of food to choose from. The breakfast is so yummy!! Especially the egg omelet!! Yummy yummy~!!!

After breakfast we head to JATUJAK!

The sun was scotching hot!!

Tried the coconut ice cream and it definelty helps us cool down a little. Shopped like mad and hubby bought tonnes of boxes there!!

I'm starting to miss the place!!

Back to hotel and wash up as we were feeling so sticky.

To platinum mall again since the day before i didn't manage to finish walking all the levels.

Beef ball noodle, oyster and their ice tea for lunch.

Their ice tea is really nice. MUST TRY!

Cab down to chinatown since nam sing closes it's branch at MBK.


I'm lovin' it!

Tuk tuk-ed back to our hotel and the driver was so reckless.

That's also explains why all the pictures turns out to be that blur.

Saw this in supermarket and bought one to try. It's in garlic flavor. Not too bad, but i still prefer the original one.

Back to the hotel to rest. I'm so looking forward to breakfast the following morning.

3rd day

Before going down for breakfast.

Breakfast at the lobby.

Head to MBK and platinum for some last minute shopping.


The pat tai that is served in platinum mall fc is super nice!

In bangkok how can we not miss out this







A & W

How i wish singapore didn't close down a&w.

Back to hotel lobby to pack the stuff into our luggage.

While waiting for the bus to pick us to the airport.

Waiting to check in for our flight back to sg.

Took so many random pics.

I took this pic from my stomach down to my toe and i still be able to see my feet.

Then i tried hubby's. I told him "Eh, you see i took this i can't even see your feet."

Then he insisted that i didn't take properly then he started to suck in and hold his breath and ask to take again. Whahah!!

Dinner in the aiport.

Their BK serve fried chicken.

Time to board the plane.

Some buys. I'm too lazy to took all my buys.

At least this time round I'm contented with my buys of shoes, bags, clothes and accessories.

I really enjoyed myself.

Next destination?

Packed my wardrobe the following day. Cleared tonnes of clothes.

Bought this dior addict ultra-gloss.

I find it too pretty to resist.

Met up with the girls on friday at miss hu's bro cafe for dinner.

It's "ai xin" donuts that are being packed into boxes.

After dinner, we sat down at a nearby playground and start snapping away.

Most of the pic are in miss hu's camera cause they say it always took ages for me to sent them the picture. Whaha!


Ikea-ed on monday.

Meatball and chicken wings are must have!!

Dinner over at hubby's house.

Bought some boxes to store my stuff and a table lamp.

Meeting at 9am in the shop yesterday. Then went to see a doc.
Given mc for yesterday and today.
Work till abt 6 plus before hubby came and fetch me home.
Slept from last night 7 plus till this morning 11 plus.
I wanna recover soon.

Signing off, 2:26 pm ♥

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